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Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story conference


Tom participated in a one day public conference held at the Natural History Museum in London on June 1. Along with several other members of the Ancient Human Occupation of Britain project the day was an opportunity to talk about the research undertaken over the last 10 years. Amongst the other speakers were Chris Stringer, Nick Ashton, Danielle Schreeve, Ian Barnes, Silvia Bello, Wil Roebroecks, Beccy Scott and Matt Pope. It was a super day and the level of interest from the sell-out audience was fantastic.


At lunchtime several interesting finds and casts were displayed and provided good talking points. The final session was a Q and A with all of the speakers. 


As scientists we need to get the results of our work out in the wider world, this conference was a great example of how to do that. There were lots of great questions from an informed audience.


On the train home, Katerina and I were able to watch live streaming of a conference about the Greek Neolithic being held in Athens, and I wondered then whether next time we are involved in a similar day we could stream the event. What a fabulous way of connecting with the wider world. 

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