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PalaeoChron meeting 2


The PalaeoChron team had a group meeting on 26 February 2015 to work on progress, plans and results. We met at Brasenose College in a lovely lecture room.


There were presentations from Tom Higham, Katerina Douka, Natasha Reynolds, Marine Frouin, Thibaut Deviese and Rachel Hopkins.

Dan Comeskey, Ludovic Slimak, James McCullagh, Christopher Ramsey also came for the meeting. 


Sam Brown talked about her results on ZooMS undertaken by her and Mike Buckley. We had a great discussion of ideas and suggestions for future work.


We had short presentations from the MSc students in the project; Eileen Jacob, Lorena Becerra Valdivia, Crista Wathen and of course Sam. In September we hope to hear about some of their results, which will be very interesting indeed. In the meantime there is a lot of lab work to be done! 



Afterwards we enjoyed a nice meal together over food and drinks in the Medieval Kitchen at Brasenose. 



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