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Congratulations to our MSc students, who are submitting their research dissertations today and tomorrow ahead of the ESHE conference in London. It's been a great year and we have done some interesting work, travelled a bit, had a lot of fun and made some unexpected discoveries!


Well done everyone!


Thanks are due to all supervisors, technicians (Dan Comeskey!) and everyone who helped and participated along the way at the ORAU, Luminescence lab and wider RLAHA. We are also extremely grateful to all of the archaeological collaborators who worked with the students to help them with samples, site information and data, and who looked after us on various trips to sites. 



Samantha Brown

"The identification of faunal remains from Denisova Cave through the application of ZooArchaeology Mass Spectrometry"


Aditi Dave

"OSL and TL dating of the Riparo Mochi rockshelter, Liguria, Italy"


Eileen Jacob

"Radiocarbon dating low collagen bone using novel single amino acid preparation"


Lorena Beccera Valdivia 

"Defining the Middle to Upper Palaeolithic transition in the Zagros mountains through AMS radiocarbon dating"


Crista Wathen

"The development and application of new sample preparation methods by SFE and HPLC for AMS dating of contaminated archaeological samples"


And not forgetting! : 

Mariana Sontag-Gonzalez

"OSL Dating of the Sima de las Palomas, Murcia, Spain".


(...and of course our "RelicChron" buddy in the picture below, Jamie Cameron!). 




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