C14 and Archaeology conference

PalaeoChron members attended the 8th International C14 and Archaeology meeting in Edinburgh in late June. The conference was held at the Royal College of Surgeons (below) near the centre of the the city. The conference ran from Monday to Friday, with a half-day break on Wednesday which allowed delegates to visit old Edinburgh.

Thibaut Devièse gave the first talk of our group on Monday, about dating of amino acids and the methodological improvements we have recently made.

Tom Higham talked about new results from PalaeoChron, from Riparo Mochi and Bondi Cave, as well as the new ZooMS results.

Rachel Hopkins presented a talk about her doctoral research in the Danube corridor and talked about her methodology and results.

Chris Ramsey talked about new computational methods in OxCal using kernal density estimates for looking at large datasets of radiocarbon dates.

(left) Mark van Strydonck is presented with a memento at the conference dinner, to mark his retirement from radiocarbon research.

(left) Tom Higham presents his lecture on Thursday.

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