Congratulations Cara!

The entire PalaeoChron team sends it very best wishes and congratulations to Cara on submitting her final MSc dissertation. The dissertation, entitled "A Combined Biomolecular Approach to Zooarchaeology and Neanderthal Subsistence at Vindija Cave, Croatia" is focussed on using ZooMS to analyse animal bone from the key site of Vindija. Cara focussed on the G1 and G3 levels at the site and used collagen peptide mass sequencing to identify several hundred animal bones to species. Stable isotope analysis, AMS radiocarbon dating and ancient DNA analysis was also applied.

The research was undertaken in Oxford and Manchester with PalaeoChron team members including Tom Higham, Dan Comeskey and Mike Buckley, and with the collaboration of our Croatian co-workers Ivor Karavanic and Jadranka Mauch Leonardic.

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