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Unravelling the Palaeolithic conference



Several members of the PalaeoChron team attended the recent Unravelling the Palaeolithic symposium held at the University of Southampton's Department of Archaeology. The meeting coincided with the 15th anniversary of the Centre for the Archaeology of Human Origins (CAHO) at Southampton.


The conference ran from 14-16 January and covered several broad themes, including "Palaeolithic Localities and Their Context", "Insights into Palaeolithic Ecologies", "Lithic Technology", "Materials and Methods in the Archaeology of Human Origins" and "Art, innovation and the social landscapes of Palaeolithic groups".



Three papers were presented, by Thibaut, Natasha and Marine, on behalf of the team: 


"The Chronology of the Last Neanderthals and the First Modern Humans in Eastern Europe: Current State of Research and New Results"

Natasha Reynolds, Thibaut Devièse, Katerina Douka, Marine Frouin, Tom Higham


"Liquid Chromatography as Alternative Purification Technique for AMS Dating of Contaminated and Low Collagen Bone Samples"

Thibaut Devièse, Daniel Comeskey, Eileen Jacob, Crista Wathen, James McCullagh, Tom Higham


"New Radiometric Ages for the Palaeolithic Site of Riparo Mochi, Italy"

Marine Frouin, Aditi Dave, Jean-Luc Schwenninger, Katerina Douka, Stefano Grimaldi, Tom Higham



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