Serbian sampling

Fieldwork stays exciting. In September, my research took me to the Serbian side of the Danube Gorge. In the cliffs next to the deep, black river, there are two newly excavated sites covering the Middle to Upper Palaeolithic: Tabula Traiana and Dubočka Kozja. Thanks to the kind support of their excavator Dr. Dušan Borić (below) from the University of Cardiff, I was able to extensively sample anthropogenically modified bone fragments for radiocarbon dating. The region is a gate to central Europe and hopefully a gate to better understanding the chronology of the Middle to Upper Palaeolithic biocultural shift. Just opposite, on the Romanian side of the Gorge, the important Oase mandibula was found, which belonged to an early modern human showing recent Neanderthal ancestry. I am looking forward to processing the samples and analyse the results.

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