ZooMS sampling continues

Sampling for ZooMS has been moving a long apace in the PalaeoChron project thanks to the great work of Esther Gillespie, who has been spending a lot of time in the sampling room. Esther worked in the ORAU previously on a school work experience placement and expressed interest in the ZooMS research, so volunteered to come back and help in our efforts to locate hominin bones in the site of Denisova Cave. Three weeks of hard work has paid off and we now have hundreds of samples to run for collagen peptide mass fingerprinting. We are hoping that more hominins will be lurking amongst the processed samples.

Today was Esther's last day on the job, so we took her out for a lunch at Mansfield College (see below). Thanks for your amazing work and contribution to the PalaeoChron project Esther.

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