PalaeoChron Meeting 3

The team held a project meeting at Brasenose College this month to focus on new results, discuss publications and plan synthesis and other regional/site papers. The day was broken down into separate talks, concerning new OSL dates for Georgian and Polish sites, new single amino acid dating results, radiocarbon data from South and SE Asia, the direct dating of Aurignacian osseous bone points, KDE modelling of radiocarbon datasets, Denisova Cave, Altai and IUP chronologies, Zagros Mountain updates, SFE and pyGC/MS experimental data, micro-chronologies of soot remnants and new results from southern European carnivore analyses. We finished the day with a discussion of overall project aims and directions, gaps in our records and future publications.

Left: lunch in the Medieval kitchen at Brasenose.

Below: view from the Senior Common Room at BNC.

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