Italy sampling

PalaeoChron MSc student Lauren Bell is working on a research dissertation concerned with applying ZooMS to archaeological sites in the Italian peninsula that archive evidence for the enigmatic Uluzzian. There is debate over whether the Uluzzian technocomplex is authored by Neanderthals or anatomically modern humans, so in an effort to contribute to resolving this we travelled to Siena and Ferrara to work with the teams undertaking research into this issue led by Marco Peresani, Annamaria Ronchitelli and Adriana Moroni. We sampled material from the sites of Castelcivita and Riparo del Broion.

While there, Tom gave a lecture in Ferrara to students.

(images below: Marco Romandini and Lauren Bell sorting Broion material. Lauren sampling in Siena. The Siena team).


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