Radiocarbon conference: Trondheim

The PalaeoChron team has been well represented at the 23rd Radiocarbon Conference held at the Scandic Lerkendal in Trondheim, Norway. Thibaut, Rachel, Katerina, Chris, Eileen and Lorena were all there (along with Eduardo and Dave (see pic)). Rachel won the prize for the best Oral presentation!! Thibaut talked about our HPLC approach to dating single amino acids, and Lorena presented her Anzick results (which were published in PNAS on Wednesday!). Eileen presented a poster on her %N data. Katerina presented on her new AOx protocol for AMS dating of ancient charcoals. Rachel had a plenary presentation on the Danube corridor results and a poster on ZooMS and preservation of collagen. Chris talked about IntChron, his new database on chronological tools.

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